The Laptop Ladies Podcast

Ready to transform and scale your business? Haylee Vazquez is the co-founder and Business Automation Specialist at Your Holistic Marketers on a mission to help female entrepreneurs all over the world grow and automate their businesses. In this podcast, she sits down with successful business owners who are on their way to creating the income, impact, and life they’ve been dreaming of. Haylee and her guests talk about what it really takes to succeed as a woman in business - no BS, just honest reflections and advice. Together, they’ll reveal how you can streamline and automate your business so you can focus on the tasks ONLY YOU can do, all while automatically attracting and nurturing your ideal clients. Marketing and sales funnels, social media strategies, Facebook ads, newsletters, CRM, email marketing, lead magnets, blogging, online courses, and how to automate it all will be cove

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