Let Them Eat Cake

Join Wedding Planner, Fresh Johnson of Elle R Jae Events as she takes you on a wild ride to the happiest day of your life. With 10 years of wedding and event planning experience, Fresh is no stranger to the good, the bad and the BS that comes with the territory. No matter what side of the wedding game you're on, Let Them Eat Cake guarantees to have relatable topics to engage you. Besides, who doesn't like free advice? From the RSVP struggle to picking your bridal party and who pays for what, Fresh discusses all of the things. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the latest wedding trends and money saving tips. Visit www.letthemeatcakepodcast.com for submission opportunities, videos and discount codes from sponsors. Let's also connect on Facebook and Instagram @letthemeatcakepodcast and via email at letthemeatcakepodcast@gmail.com

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