Gin and Cake

Gin and Cake is a live-watch exploration of one of the most weirdly popular reality shows on television: The Great British Bake-Off or, as it's known to us here in the US, The Great British Baking Show. In it, generally polite people compete to bake cookies and cake while wandering around a tent on a bucolic English estate, all in pursuit of — a cake plate. Absurd? Yes! Which is probably why we, like so many millions of other people, love it. In this biweekly podcast, we will comment, question, wax rhapsodic, and speculate wildly about things we could probably know if only we weren’t too lazy to look them up on the Internet. There's also a bunch of baking trivia. And a few Star Trek references, because that's never wrong. And we’re going to do it all while sipping delicious adult beverages, and we hope you’ll join us in that, as well. So cue up an episode, mix that drink

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