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Ep. 13 When New York Comes to Jersey
2017 Sep 101h 26m 20s
Episode 13!!! We come back and hit you with some good conversation!! This week my homegirls Toya and Ashaunti came through by way of Queens to show some love!! Drinks are poured, and we dive right in!! We start off with shout outs around (2:09) and highlight the black owned business of the week at (3:30) dive into our new favorite game (5:45) Trending topics are at (10:52)Whats on your phone? (22:00) How do you feel about a transgender camp for children?? (26:00) Is head essential before sex?(40:21)Should trans-women be considered real women? (50:00)Was Issa from Insecure over reacting to the cum in her eye? (1:09:55) Do you date outside your race? (1:12:45) and we always leave you with some encouragement (1:21:55) Thank you for all your love, and continued support, we are extremely grateful. If you have any questions, suggestions, or topics you'd like to hear about on future episodes ...Contact us @titosNChillpodcast or titosnchill@gmail.com
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