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3 Christian Women living a Christian life in our modern world. Discussing the struggles, breakthroughs, and blessings in our Christian life. While we are FLAWED, we are FAITHFUL to living a life for Christ. We discuss relationships, Marriage, Being single, Stories in the bible, Scriptures, Parables of Jesus, Testimonies, Stories and our Relationship with God


How the Quarantine changed our Lives. The 20/20 vision of Ourselves.
2020 Apr 241h 11m 25s
Who has the ANSWERS?! How has the quarantine changed your life? What we have learned in our time of isolation? Is the church no longer essential? What can we learn about ourselves and others during this time? Listen in while we attempt to come to grips with all this and more.
Got Faith?!!
2020 Feb 1954m 10s
In this episode we discuss Faith, with Guest Tim Robinson. Using scripture Hebrews 11:1. What is faith? How to keep the faith? And what exactly is the measure of a mustard seed? Tell us your thoughts
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