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Welcome to the Auralex Creative Spaces podcast. We talk to the famous (and not-so-famous) about how they created their environments for recording, mixing and critical listening.


Episode 12 - Tom Griesgraber
2021 Jan 0740m 37s
In this episode of the Creative Spaces podcast, we talk to Tom Griesgraber. Tom is one of the world’s most respected performers on The Chapman Stick, a unique 12-string instrument that affords Tom the ability to express his musical ideas. Tom shares info about what inspired him to learn how to play The Chapman Stick, how he turned his childhood home into his personal studio, and the joy of skateboarding.
Episode 11 - Jose Rios
2020 Dec 2226m 3s
In this episode of the Creative Spaces podcast, we talk to GRAMMY-award-winning guitarist, songwriter, and producer Jose Rios. As the guitarist and founding member of the band Free Nationals, Jose talks about what it takes to build a career in music, collaborating with other artists, and the importance of meditation during difficult times.
Episode 10_Mason Lieberman
2020 Dec 0841m 56s
In this episode of the Creative Spaces podcast, we’re talking to Musician, Composer, and Audio Coordinator Mason Lieberman. Mason is best known for his work on Rooster Teeth's RWBY and Beyblade Burst Evolution, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., Riot Games' League of Legends, AMC's The Walking Dead, Made in Abyss, Warhammer: Vermintide, Hell's Kitchen, and God Eater.
Episode 9 - Ray Luzier
2020 Nov 2455m 27s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb have an entertaining conversation with monster-drummer Ray Luzier, who has recorded and toured the world with David Lee Roth, Jake E. Lee, Army of Anyone, Billy Sheehan, KXM, and many others as well as being a full-time member of one the most successful metal bands, Korn, since 2009.
Episode 8 - Glenn Rosenstein
2020 Nov 1054m 4s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb have a great conversation with GRAMMY®-winning engineer, mixer, and producer Glenn Rosenstein, who has worked with James Brown, Miles Davis, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Ziggy Marley, Madonna, Talking Heads, The Ramones, U2 and many others over a four-decade career.
Episode 7 - Brad Divens
2020 Oct 2741m 57s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb speak to Brad Divens, master FOH (front of house) engineer who has worked live shows for artists ranging from Linkin Park, Bob Seger, Enrique Iglesias, and many more.
Episode 6 - Nile Wright
2020 Oct 1338m 6s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb talk to Nile Wright, co-host of the popular podcast "It Gets Weird" and a beloved staff member at Auralex Acoustics!
Episode 5 - Elizabeth Zharoff
2020 Sep 2950m 28s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb talk to the insanely talented and prolific Elizabeth Zharoff. She tells the boys about her experience as an international opera singer, voice coach, and audio designer. Coming from a musical family, Zharoff quickly took to performing and parlayed that into a career where she has performed in music halls across Europe, Asia and the Americas – and did so in more than 15 languages!
Episode 4 - Tony Succar
2020 Sep 1557m 47s
In this episode, Kevin and Robb are joined by Tony Succar, who became the youngest artist to win a Latin Grammy Award when took home two (for Best Salsa Album and Producer of the Year) last year. The 34-year-old percussionist, composer, arranger, bandleader and producer (perhaps dynamo is the best word to use) talks about his original passion, soccer, which he wanted to go pro in. Succar also discusses his transition into the family business, music, and his meteoric rise to where he is now.
Episode 3 - Steve Marcantonio
2020 Sep 0158m 37s
In this episode, Kevin & Robb talk to Grammy-winning recording engineer and mixer Steve Marcantonio!