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HI name is Miss D i am a tarot reader and a Spiritual consultants in all spiritual matters This podcast will be about spirituality and all the thing we go through on our spiritual journey and how to understand some of the thing that we are experiencing.


Aries new moon
2020 Mar 256m 20s
Understanding about what is happening under the Aries new moon
Cleansing your energies
2020 Mar 097m 42s
This episode will be about how you will be able to cleanse your energy from negative energies that could be in your life at this time.
Virgo full moon march 9 2020
2020 Feb 2718m 14s
This  is a podcast on the Virgo full moon in march and the effects it will be have on us all.
Mercury retrograde
2020 Feb 226m 4s
This is a podcast about mercury in retrograde in Pisces
The spiritual love between two
2020 Feb 2214m 18s
This is just a little podcast about the spiritual connections we are having in love relationships
This is just a small introduction to my podcast thank you
2020 Feb 221m 46s
This would allow a lot of the people to understand what the podcast will be about in the future episodes.
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