Dreaming stingrays
  • Frances sage
9 episodes
Just a fun podcast of two friends sharing experiences feeling and more. Tune in to here the dreaming stingrays talk about the world our family’s and much more.


Not to like bring up politics or anything...
2021 Jan 1458m 55s
In this episode Frances and Katie bring up a couple current events and then finish off the episode with some interesting would you rather questions. Tune in to find out.
Relationships and food(boys ask us awkward questions)
2020 Dec 131h 3m 30s
David and Tyler are back for a part two. Listen in on no asking us question well we teach Katie what a “simp” is and Frances gives relationship advice.
Ghost encounters(kinda not rly)
2020 Nov 3051m 38s
Soooo.... this episode is VERY chaotic because it was super last minute. I apologize for the background noise and also other distractions. But we got it down so I hope you enjoy anyways;)
Asking boys awkward questions ( Frances and friends)
2020 Oct 121h 14m 46s
Frances and Katie, have guest David, and Tyler join the show. They asked him a series of awkward questions, and also talk about some interesting things. Listen to find out more.
Spookey season
2020 Oct 0356m 45s
Watch to find out
Katie’s questions
2020 Aug 311h 30s
From the mix up of the last episode Katie will read her best friend Questions and then her and Frances will move into something a little bit more interesting tune in to find out.
The best friend quiz part 2
2020 Aug 2419m 19s
The best friend quiz
2020 Aug 2425m 23s
Katie and Frances developed quizzes for each other.
Dreaming stingrays
2020 Aug 1356m 46s
Katie and Frances(best friends) share expirations about covid-19 food and all around interesting conversation! Tune in to hear our first episode!!
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