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Good marriages and relationships are made here! Experience laughter, love and encouragement. For those who are seeking to heal their marriage or singles who are in preparation to be married, this show will teach biblical principals to promote and propel relationships while having fun. Learn the importance of health in the marriage as Ed and Yvonne dive into topics that transforms the mind!


06 How Important Is A Dad?
2021 Jan 1416m 20s
This episode speaks directly to the dads! Do we really understand how important a dad really is? Listen in to this powerful explanation of how important a dad really is!
05 Where Do You Get Your Marital advice From?
2021 Jan 0718m 43s
This episode discusses the importance of getting marital advice from trustworthy and wise people. Social Media has become the new marriage counselor causing disaster and mistakes. Please join us as we discuss the importance of good and spiritual counseling.
04The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In A Marriage
2020 Dec 3136m 39s
Is it ok for a spouses to go though each others cell phones without permission? Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of cell phones in a marriage! They can benefit in so many ways but also, hurt a marriage. Join us as we discuss the subject that affects many marriages!!
03 The Importance Of Date Nights For Marrieds And Singles In A Relationship
2020 Dec 2331m 22s
This is a very important episode to marrieds and singles. We talk about getting back in touch with your spouse by having planned alone time!! For our singles in righteous relationships we give ideas to help your relationship move towards marriage. Enjoy the thought provoking and funny conversation!
02 A True College Love Story And Our Mistakes
2020 Dec 1738m 54s
A true love story that began in college that was so amazing. Marriage followed along with 6 children. However mistakes were made before marriage. We share our mistakes in hopes that others will avoid them and not have any regrets in others their true love story!
01 Getting To Know Us!
2020 Dec 1011m 50s
This episode is for you to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you!!
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