• Jack Mells and Sam Mannell
10 episodes
The Big Tune is a music show in which the hosts, Jack and Sam, go in search of the big tune every week, by talking about the best albums of all time as rated by an infallible system which is us.


Episode Ten - Satori
2018 Nov 041h 36m 6s
The Big Tune returns in a big way! Sam's next album is Flower Travelin' Band's Satori!
Episode Nine - Barter 6
2018 Jun 15
We're back with Jack's next album, Young Thug's Barter 6, released 2015. The lads are joined by special guest Autumn Greer to talk rap beefs, fish and grits, and Young Thug's love of pringles.
Episode Eight - Take Me Apart
2018 May 121h 48m 10s
Sam's pick this week is Kelela's 2017 album Take Me Apart. Jack has just awoken from a 2000 year long slumber, but that's okay because the album is what woke him up.
Episode Seven - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
2018 Apr 082h 3m 55s
We are elated to have a guest on the show this week, the noble @richard_pilbeam, but in a cruel twist of fate we force him to talk about a Limp Bizkit album.
Episode Six - Full Communism
2018 Mar 251h 46m 50s
In this one, the lads talk about Full Communism, a punk album by the Downtown Boys, and also talk about tangential topics, like how good taxes would be if they paid for free tertiary education.
Episode Five - Suicide
2018 Mar 141h 40m 51s
This episode's album is Suicide's 1977 self-titled debut. Jack and Sam talk about it. What did you expect??? Also, Jack goes in.
Episode Four - Powerslave
2018 Mar 011h 11m 6s
In this one, Sam reveals that his favourite Iron Maiden album is also the only one that he's ever heard, and also records in a kitchen again. Jack outlines the show's attitude toward the viewers.
Episode Three - Catch a Fire
2018 Feb 041h 1m 10s
This week is about Bob Marley and the Wailers' '73 album, Catch a Fire! Sam recorded this whole episode in his kitchen for some reason.
Episode Two - Opus at the End of Everything
2018 Jan 171h 19m 4s
This week, the big tune boyos listen to Benn Jordan's album, Opus at the End of Everything, and Sam reccomends you toke a huge joint first.
Episode One - Tago Mago
2017 Oct 221h 46m 53s
Jack starts the show with one of his favourite albums of all time, Can's Tago Mago. Sam doesn't know what's going on in this one yet, but he likes to try sound on top of his shit.
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