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Angie and Katrina have been growing in their faith. As two young Catholics, they experienced what a lot of people go through: high and lows of relationships, typical college life, and the questioning of their purpose on earth. But through all of this they maintained one thing, and that is staying true to the faith. In this podcast, they talk about the meaning of staying true to the faith, finding a religious/spiritual community, dating for marriage, and so much more! Whether you are religious or not, we invite everyone to listen with opening ears and hearts as we strive to break societal stereotypes, create a loving community, and spread positive messages. We welcome you to our Rise Above journey and wish you a blessed day! Follow the Instagram: to stay updated!


Saving Sex for Marriage
2021 Jan 1829m 59s
Yep, you saw the title correctly. This is a bold statement for the both of us, so in this episode, we talk about our personal reasons for why we are waiting for marriage and how we fight temptations if we are in a relationship. We also refer to what we learned from the book, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul by Crystalina and Jason Evert (highly recommend!). We hope you listen with a kind heart and respect what we say!
Why Do Bad Things Happen?
2021 Jan 1129m 19s
Have you ever wondered why bad things always happen to you? In this episode, we give our insight to this question and other questions that listeners asked such as “How can God let tragedies happen such as genocides?” We try to answer based on experience and perspective, so please listen with open ears and hearts. We hope you have a blessed day!
Staying Motivated for the New Year
2021 Jan 0430m 46s
Hello 2021! We’re starting off this first episode of the new year by talking about our ways of staying motivated in achieving our ~goals~. Part of that motivation comes from switching our mindsets, normalizing rest days, and prioritizing in taking care of our bodies that God beautifully created. As you enter the new year with new goals and intentions, listen to this episode to obtain motivation in achieving those goals.
2020 Reflection & 2021 Goals
2020 Dec 2848m 23s
As we all know 2020 may have been a difficult year to go through, however, we wanted to focus on the positive side so in this last episode of the year, we talk about our highlights of 2020- such as starting Rise Above- and what we learned during this pandemic. We also set some goals that we want to achieve in the new year because it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful that things can get better. We thank you so much for your love and support you’ve given Rise Above this year, and we will bring this light into 2021. Happy New Year everyone!
How God Influences Our Daily Lives & Encountering Him
2020 Dec 2146m
God is more than a spiritual figure to believe in. He is there to listen to our prayers, guide us through our day, and make His plan work through the little things in life. In this episode, we talk about our personal experiences of encountering God and how we knew He is real. We also share practices that keep us connected to our faith, especially as we go by our busy lives. Note: Vulnerability is presented in this episode, so if you are currently going through something and are seeking support or someone to talk to, please reach out to us through our Instagram (@rise.aboveco) or email ( We hope you have a blessed day!
Will God Judge Me If I Sin?
2020 Dec 1450m 26s
You asked, and we answered! In this episode, we answer a few questions that some of our followers asked about God to the best of our ability. Will God judge you if you sin? How can you grow closer to Him if you’ve gone through so many stumbles? How can I start reading the Bible? We hope our answers help and guide you into God’s light. If you have a question, DM our Instagram @rise.aboveco or email us at
Living in a World Where Hookup Culture is Normalized
2020 Dec 0741m 37s
Oooo the tea is being spilled in this episode! In this episode, we discussed the hookup culture, what it means to date for marriage, our experience in dating apps, stories of our first kiss, and how our faith influences our views of committed relationships and everything that deals with love. We also have SUPER exciting news (keyword: apparel) that we announce, so make sure to listen all the way through in order to not miss it ;).
What It Was Like Growing Up Catholic
2020 Nov 2734m 42s
We want to start off our podcast by introducing ourselves. What was it like being raised in the Catholic church? How did moving away for college impact us in staying faithful? What is the purpose of the Rise Above brand? Angie and Katrina dive into answering these questions and more on their individual backgrounds so you can get to know us a little bit!
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