Grow, Crush, Sell
  • Logan Kelly
9 episodes
The show for millennial sales reps to grow their sales game, from Logan Kelly, a three time entrepreneur in the automotive and marketing spaces.


Important Tip For LinkedIn
2019 Jul 114m 30s
Logan Kelly discusses how to use LinkedIn right to drive conversations and build valuable connections.
Quick Mental Tip To Close More Deals
2019 Jul 105m 23s
Logan Kelly reviews a common mental obstacle to closing deals. Listen for a quick recharge to your closing game.
Quick Trick To Be Interesting To Prospects
2019 Jul 095m 29s
Logan Kelly describes one of his tactics to stay interesting and relevant to prospects while sending sales emails.
What's The Benchpress Got to Do With Sales?
2019 Jul 085m 47s
In this episode, Logan Kelly discusses his experience at the gym and how it relates to what is going on in our heads. Start the week off strong with this little morsel of motivation.
Write Emails That Sell
2019 Jul 054m 44s
Want to write an email today that generates a conversation quickly? Stop taking cues from marketers and write conversationally. Learn more at
Start The Journey Towards Consistency
2019 Jul 044m 34s
Everyone in the sales game knows the feast and famine life it can bring. It doesn't have to be this way, you just need to change where you focus. Learn more at
Find an Extra Deal Today: Your CRM Failed You
2019 Jul 034m 35s
There's a deal sitting in your CRM right now, you just need to find it. Don't trust your CRM's creator, take this into your own hands. Learn more at
Fearlessly Close Your Next Deal
2019 Jul 024m 16s
Asking for the sale is not always easy, but it can be. Get your mind right with this short episode. Learn more at
Prioritize Your Tasks To Sell More
2019 Jul 015m 56s
Prioritization in sales just means getting stuff done faster. Be a high performer by getting stuff done faster. Learn more at
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