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The Ashen Forge is a twice per month livecast on Twitch discussing the upcoming mmorpg Ashes of Creation by Intrepid Studios. We discuss anything and everything related to its development. We also compare Ashes of Creation to other past, present and upcoming mmorpgs offering critical feedback about development decisions.


Episode 36: New Dawn
2020 Aug 1458m 49s
After a 7 month break we are ready to get back at it with Ashes of Creation. The push towards the alpha mmorpg has led to a lot of interviews and the news is starting to speed up. First we start with multi-boxing and we move to raid bosses and lastly go over questions about religion.
Episode 34: Don't Know Your Nodes
2019 Nov 021h 16m 41s
In this episode we cover the latest Ashes of Creation and APOC news and information of course adding our opinions along the way.
Episode 34: Battle Ground Blues
2019 Oct 051h 6m 37s
In this episode we discuss the current state of Ashes of Creation and Apocalypse! Join us every Wednesday and Friday for livestreams 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific!
Episode 33: A Horse Is A Horse
2019 Aug 311h 42s
In this episode we catch up with the latest Ashes of Creation livestream, developer discussion and store release.
Episode 32: Ride My Pony
2019 Aug 101h 3m 11s
In this episode we go over the most recent dev discussion on toxicity, the Noble Steed post and new information on crafting in Ashes of Creation.
Episode 31: Doggit, Peacat And War Machines
2019 Jul 271h 49s
In this episode we cover the latest Ashes of Creation livestream including the winners of the Kickstarter contest.
Episode 30: Prestige Worldwide
2019 Jun 151h 5m 9s
In this episode we discuss all of the recent information drops for Ashes of Creation including economic nodes and the latest livestream.
Episode 29: Something About Groups
2019 May 1858m 50s
In this episode we discuss the recent Ashes of Creation developer discussion on grouping in mmorpgs.
Episode 28: Thanks For The Memories
2019 May 041h 7m 5s
In this episode we go over the latest Ashes of Creation live stream as well as the first two dev diaries.
Episode 27: Questions Questions Questions
2019 Apr 201h 2m 1s
In this episode we discuss Steven's recent twitch tour taking many Ashes of Creation questions as well as Intrepid's recent Science node blog.