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A podcast dedicated to bringing on unique individuals with interesting stories. A portal into the mindset of those driving to succeed.


Episode # 6 - Dr. Kevin Sweeney 25.11.20
2021 Jan 141h 37m 36s
Kevin Sweeney is currently a Criminology lecturer who started off his life in the military before joining An Garda Síochána (Irish police force). He worked with them for the majority of his life before moving on to lecture in University College Cork.
New Year Resolutions Special with Branislav Blatnjak II 30.12.20.
2021 Jan 031h 50m 26s
Branislav is a psychologist and business associate of mine who recently moved to Norway. We spent the first few minutes catching up on his new life before delving into the concept of New Year resolutions and their significance.
Episode #5 - John Mitchell 16.10.20
2020 Dec 171h 20m 19s
John Mitchell is a professional mixed martial arts fighter for Bellator. He has an incredible calm and powerful mindset that gives him a unique, inspirational energy. We discuss his fighting career and what brought him to where he is now. He spoke about his experiences with high level fighters in the mountains of Thailand, his health, nutrition and recovery as well as the recent disappointment of an knee injury that has pulled him out of his most recent fight (Nov 2020).
Episode #4 - Mark McGrath 10.11.20
2020 Dec 031h 24m 2s
Mark is a young Irish student who came to a firm belief in fundamental Catholicism. I sought to probe his mind on where his convictions originated and why does he hold so strongly to them at such a young age and to a Catholicism in particular, bearing in mind its' place in Irish history. An entirely religious debate took place.
Episode #3 - Tolga Hadid 03.11.20
2020 Nov 301h 51m 53s
Tolga is a final year medicine student who was the Irish and European Body Building Champion. He is gifted in his intelligence and has vast reserves of knowledge on all things nutrition, lifting and dieting. He has lived in multiple countries and shares incredible stories of ingenuity and perseverance. A must-listen-to.
Episode #2 - Ryan Spillane 27.10.20
2020 Nov 301h 29m 2s
Ryan Spillane is a mixed martial arts fighter recently signed to Bellator. We discuss his fighting career, goals for the future, his training schedule, health and nutrition along with his fight camps and competitions in Dubai and Australia.
Episode #1 - Branislav Blatnjak 21.10.20
2020 Nov 301h 9m 1s
Coach Branislav Blatnjak is a psychologist with over 10 years experience. He has lived in multiple countries and cultures and combining that with his level of profound thinking, he brings with him insights and opinions that create for very interesting viewing. He has worked with many clients over the years and he seeks to better himself by improving the lives of those around him.
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