Lessons from the MAP
  • Jamie Blackburn
6 episodes
Outdoor adventure changes how we view ourselves, but it can feel lonely as a woman in a male-dominated world. Join Jamie Blackburn as she interviews other female outdoor enthusiasts and explores how adventures in the natural world shape our inner landscape. If you are a female adventure athlete, eco-traveler, weekend warrior, forest bather, or just want to escape reality for a few minutes, join us on this journey!


Making Camping Work for You with Jessica Rider
2021 Jan 2053m 4s
Jessica Rider loves camping - but she's adamant about having a real bed! Her unconventional style of camping has changed her life, and it's her mission to create space in the camping scene for others who like to explore nature but still have the...
2020: Dumpster fire or forest fire?
2021 Jan 1513m 38s
Dumpster fire (noun):  1. A complete disaster; 2. Something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with.You've probably heard 2020 referred to as a "dumpster fire" - but was it, really? In this bonus episode, Jamie reframes the trials and tribulations...
Transforming Restrictive Conversations with Uriell Carlson
2021 Jan 1346m 54s
Uriell Carlson didn't start mountain biking until she was 19 years old, but that didn't stop her from diving headfirst into the sport. On top of being an incredible athlete, she is a registered dietitian nutritionist, small business owner, and a...
A Living, Breathing World of Spirit with Deb Matlock
2021 Jan 0651m 26s
Deb Matlock is an environmental educator and animal communicator who has a world of sustainability to share. She and Jamie discuss the ways that we can relate to nature as a part  of us, be with non-human friends, and ways to access oneness in nature.We...
Trailblazing with Kriste Peoples
2021 Jan 061h 1m 35s
Kriste Peoples is a writer, runner, coach, and teacher: truly a renaissance woman in the outdoor community. Kriste and Jamie talk about taking up space, creating a sense of belonging in the outdoors, and how meditation can inform our presence to the...
Introducing Lessons from the MAP
2020 Dec 096m 48s
Welcome to Lessons from the MAP! In this trailer, we meet Wellness Educator - and now your host - Jamie Blackburn. She describes the day that the idea for this podcast was seeded (a day which included a broken arm and a dawdling toddler), and the...