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A podcast that inspires young adults to live the best life ever. We are a global community that through conversation brings answers to the most common struggles of our generation. Check out our Instagram thetribe.global to get to know us better.


The Tribe Values: Influence - The Tribe Podcast EP.9
2020 Dec 2241m 39s
We live in the world of influence. We are consistently influenced by the outside world, but we also have an impact on the world around us. God called all of us to be influencers and that's why in this episode, Kaleb and Wendy share how to become a person with a healthy influence. This is also the last podcast in 2020, so thank you so much for this year! It's been an incredible beginning of our journey. See you in 2021.
The Tribe Values: Passion - The Tribe Podcast EP.8
2020 Dec 0433m 54s
Pete's Instagram: @peterasgharsandys
The Tribe Values: Authenticity - The Tribe Podcast EP.7
2020 Nov 2041m 26s
In this episode, we talk about another value of The Tribe which is Authenticity. We believe that we live in the world for a long time there was a lack of authenticity. Especially in the Christian environment we often put masks to cover who we really are. In this episode, we will talk about why authenticity is important and how you can be authentic. It's powerful and with us with have our friend @beckyamz. Tune in!
The Tribe Values: Community - The Tribe Podcast EP.6
2020 Nov 0330m 42s
Every tribe has it's valued! In coming weeks we will talk about the pillars of The Tribe. What makes us, us and how we will change the world.
Christianity Vs Cancel Culture - The Tribe Podcast EP.5
2020 Oct 2036m 20s
We live in a world where everyone using social media can share their opinion about anything. Our generation is very passionate about many causes and sometimes we take it to another level. So how about the cancel culture? How we as Christians should express our passion towards certain subjects? We will discuss this topic with pastor Josh Cooke, from Birmingham in the UK.
How To Battle Anxiety During A Lockdown? PART 2 - The Tribe Podcast EP.4 [BONUS]
2020 Oct 1235m 1s
This is a continuation of our previous episode when we talk about battling negative thoughts and anxiety in lockdown. Our special guest Karin Cooke, shares some incredible practical steps that we need to implement to live a healthy lifestyle. You can find her Karin on Instagram @karincookecoaching .
How To Battle Negative Thoughts During A Lockdown? - The Tribe Podcast EP.3
2020 Oct 0727m 27s
Did you found yourself struggling with negative thoughts or anxiety during a lockdown?
Intoduction to The Tribe Podcast EP 1 [REUPLOADED]
2020 Oct 0219m 23s
This is our first episode, welcome to The Tribe Podcast! In this episode, we will answer questions like what is the tribe, why we are doing, and who can be part of it.
Battling Comparison In Lockdown- The Tribe Podcast EP. 2
2020 Sep 2228m 18s
Did you also struggle with comparison in lockdown? In this episode, we will talk more about where the comparison comes from and how we can fight with it.
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