The ThriveNX Podcast
  • Dr. Stephanie
2 episodes
ThriveNX stands for Thriving Exponentially, something I think is no critical during times of challenge. ThriveNX is based on the biblical promise of a More Abundant Life! I believe that means we can live a holistic thriving experience rather than a lopsided state of existence. Stay connected as Dr. Stephanie takes you on a journey that begins with a personal assessment of where you are in all of the key areas of life - spiritual, emotional, financial, relational, physical, and intellectual. You will discover areas where you can gain leverage for quick wins and identify areas of THRIVENX vulnerability, what Dr. Stephanie calls non-thriving habits! WHY ThriveNX? You have been gifted with a powerful deposit - the seeds of greatness! Don’t waste it! The ThriveNX podcast provides a step by step framework to launch you to Xponential Growth! Stay faithful to the THRIVE!


Do It For the Thrive!
2020 Nov 0935m 9s
Dr. Stephanie encourages you to move forward in your thinking!  Using the Internet craze "Do It For the Vine", she shares the mindsets you need to overcome in order to move from surviving to thriving!
ThriveNX Podcast - Episode 1
2020 Oct 3114m 57s
Welcome to the ThriveNX Podcast.  This is the introductory episode where you'll learn all about what it means to Thrive exponentially!