The Amazing Ordinary
  • Laura Burke
5 episodes
Even in ordinary everyday life we are surrounded by so many amazing people and things. This podcast shares stories from people I have met who prove just that.


Episode 4: Carmelita
2020 Dec 1446m 3s
Carmelita Gibbons left a life long career in nursing to become a full time aesthetic nurse just before the pandemic. Hearing her talk about changing her career path is inspirational and above all a reminder to go after your dreams in life and never let fear stand in the way.
Episode 3: Madeleine
2020 Nov 3038m 10s
In this weeks episode, Madeleine Quinn Cronin talks to me all about the world of reflexology, furthering her practice into female hormone health and all around self care.
Episode 2: Caroline
2020 Nov 161h 47s
After being diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, Caroline Monahan talks to me about facing adversity, and the life lessons she has learned because of it.
Episode 1: Karolina
2020 Nov 0246m 44s
In this weeks episode, Karolina Andrzejczak tells me about her incredible journey to winning her first ever bikini fitness show, all while running a business and minding her busy toddler!
The Amazing Ordinary: Intro
2020 Oct 3126s
An introduction to my upcoming podcast series.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.