• Krista Morton
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A health and wellness podcast that discusses topics & strategies to help you live more most authentic life, led by Integrative Health Practitioner, Krista Lynne.


Loving Yourself in Your Mess
2021 Jan 2122m 9s
Krista talks about the ability to love yourself in your mess & start to see how our pain is only trying to help us.
Thyroid Awareness Month
2021 Jan 1626m 39s
Krista talks about the basics of thyroid conditions, symptoms, what to do to find the support you need, and how to support someone you love who has thyroid disease.
4 Ways to Reduce Inflammation
2021 Jan 0822m 39s
Krista talks about some of her favorite ways to reduce inflammation in the body, using simple strategies you can leverage throughout your busy week.
Embracing to Release-shifting towards 2021
2020 Dec 3119m 23s
In today’s episode, I’m discussing the mindset aspect of preparing yourself for healthy, sustainable habits for 2021. What sets apart habits with longevity versus burnout habits that die in a few months? Tune in to find out!
Unbound: The Boundaries of Bitterness
2020 Dec 0918m
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