Preheat and Bake
  • micah b yaroch
3 episodes
Chef Micah Yaroch sits down with Co-host Gabe Kelly and ponders on two of the finer things in life,,, culinary arts and cannabis. Each show we will be joined a special guest contributor and dive deep into whichever topic(s) are up for discussion. If good food and even better weed interests you, you're in the right place. Support this podcast:


Episode 3: Bambi Bakes and Marijuana Decriminalization Ft: Bambi Banks-Coulee and Jacob Stanton
2021 Jan 1950m 29s
Our Preheat this episode is focused on the issues behind marijuana's past in the USA, how decriminalization is a  racial justice issue, and prison reform.
Episode 2: Healthy Coping Mechanisms, Mental Health, and Marijuana Ft. Anna Rose Kern
2021 Jan 041h 3m 49s
This episode we dive into mental health maintenance,  healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms, and how to make informed cannabis purchases. Our special guest Anna Rose Kern,  LA life coach and stylist guru, sits down with us during our Bake segment and shares more on mental health, CBD, and stress management.
Episode 1 ft. Chef Alyssa Jones
2020 Dec 0248m 18s
We chat with chef Alyssa Jones about toxicity in the culinary industry and so much more for our very first episode!
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