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Bo 5781: Behaviours change us-don’t get cracking!
2021 Jan 223m 37s
Why is it that Bnei Yisrael were told not to break the bones of the korban Pesach?!
Parshat Va'era - Four minute thought: Is God just showing off His might?
2021 Jan 154m 40s
Why did Hashem feel the need to inflict ten plagues onto Parosh and Egypt? Couldn’t He just make them go to sleep and have the Jewish people walk out of Egypt and avoid devastation and destruction ?!
Plundering the capital - Was it necessary to take the gold and silver on the way out of ...... Egypt ?! Vaera 5781
2021 Jan 1123m 16s
Why was it promised told Avraham that Bnei Yisrael would leave with great wealth ?
Parshat Shemot
2021 Jan 084m 59s
What does it mean that the people believed in Moshe’s message?
Gemara Shabbat: Muktzah
2021 Jan 0355m 2s
Why can you move a basket for chicks to hop on and off on Shabbos?
Be alive and be mindful of those in front of us who are true sources of blessing
2021 Jan 014m 45s
What does it mean to be alive ? How is Yaakov's blessing to his grandchildren the paradigm of blessing?
What is the meaning behind the 10th of Teivet?
2020 Dec 2529m 59s
A more in depth look at the significance of the day. In tanach, Jewish history, Jewish thought and halacha.
Fasting on a Friday
2020 Dec 254m 46s
The meaning behind 10 b’tevet
Leadership - Reuven vs. Yehuda part 2
2020 Dec 2317m 42s
Leadership; why was Yehdua the leader of his family and why will future leaders come from him ?
Leadership - Reuven vs. Yehuda
2020 Dec 2229m 59s
Why does Divrei Hayamim tell us that Reuven, although was the first born, is not the leader nor does he receive his double portion?