Tales from the Pub; A dram and chat with Mike
  • Michael Glenn
15 episodes
A weekly chat with Mike from the Raven and Thistle Pub. Each podcast will start as if you just wandered into the pub, ordered up a dram or pint and started chatting with the those at in the bar. You never know who you’ll meet, or what you will be talking about. Where will the conversation lead? What topics will come up? … that’s the beauty of a visit to the pub, totally unexpected conversations, unpredictable topics, but a wonderful drink and feeling of connecting with your fellow pub-goers with some interesting discussion and the occasional rant


This Doesn't Make Sense...or does it?
2021 Jan 1413m 19s
Not being able to sleep is real bitch... but when it happens to Mike, his mind starts to wander, and this is not always be a good thing.   Exploring the senses that we have makes for an interesting conversation...and it might surprise you to know we have more than 5.  Grab a drink and join Mike at the bar to hear more about that.
Opposing Ideas, is there a solution?
2021 Jan 087m 12s
Paradoxes surround up all the time, but how we deal with them is the real key.  It seems that these days our political and social structures are rife with serious paradoxes... How do we deal with these?  There is some interesting research on this, so grab a drink and hear Mikes take on this.
New Year's Eve in the Pub, Is this year FINALLY over?
2020 Dec 319m 10s
Its new years eve, stop by the pub for a drink and make your new year's resolutions...or not, Mike's take on these is a bit different.  We can look forward to sending 2020 packing and hoping for a better version of life in 2021... but hope is not a good strategy... if you want a better year, you gotta go out, grab it by the...hair...and drag it back with you.
Santa is Dying... Sorry, but its true
2020 Dec 239m 41s
Mike has a few thoughts on the state of Christmas.... and is Santa Claus really dying?  How did we get to this point and where can we go from here?  Grab a drink and join Mike by the fire to debate the pros and cons of how we currently celebrate the Christmas holiday.
Division...it's more than just math
2020 Dec 175m 44s
Have you ever seen such divisions!  Seems like it's totally us or them...but what's really behind these divisions and are we stuck with them, or is there a way out.  Mike has one idea, so stop by the pub, grab a drink and lets talk.
Do you remember your first time?
2020 Dec 1223m 42s
Memories, what would life be like without them?  Why do we remember some things and not others.  What details do you recall, and why are some very clear and others hidden in shadows.  Let's talk about that, and a few of my friends will join us.  Oh, and don't forget to stop at the bar on your way in.
I love that old time Rock and Roll
2020 Dec 066m 41s
Of course music is very popular in the Pub, and typically all styles and genres are welcome, but I have a bit an issue with the way oldies Rock and Classic rock songs are being thrown around.  Come on and join me for an interesting discussion about this.
Yes, I'm Thankful...But..
2020 Nov 267m 6s
Lots to be thankful for this holiday... well maybe not as much as in years past?  Why do some holidays have a lead in celebration on the Eve of the holiday?  Should this not be the standard of celebration for all holidays?  Grab a drink and seat by fire, let's talk this out.
What If?:
2020 Nov 217m 22s
Time to get a bit philosophical here in the Pub.  Playing a a little game called "What If"... what if you turned right instead of left all those years ago.  what is you hadn't said what you did?  What would life be like, how do the little things that you give no thought to change life so dramatically years later?  Whats if you hadn't listened to podcast?