• Alex Matsuo
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The Spooky Stuff is all about that...spooky stuff. Alex Matsuo interviews some of the most dynamic people in the paranormal community and talks to them about their story and what makes the paranormal so irresistable. She also spotlights the diversity of marginalized groups within the paranormal community. Come take a seat at the paranormal table, listen to the stories, and come share your story!


Spirits Over Spirits with Melissa Wilton
2021 Jan 1248m 57s
In this episode, Melissa Wilton comes to the paranormal table to enjoy some spirits while talking about spirits. This episode takes some crazy twists and turns since there are some spirits involved!
Paranormal Education with Beth Darlington
2021 Jan 0545m 59s
Our first episode of 2021 is off to a strong start! This episode features a great conversation with Beth Darlington! She talks about her passions for education and online learning in the paranormal. She also takes the approach of accessibility of information in the paranormal field and the future of the paranormal community. You can find Beth’s website at accessparanormal.com.
Frightfully Good with Anne Rzechowicz & Renata Daniel
2020 Dec 2951m 3s
In this episode, Anne Rech-o-vich and Renata Daniel took a seat at the paranormal table to talk about their work as paranormal business owners and educators. These two incredible ladies talk about the value of education in the field, elevating women, and so much more. Enjoy the show! Be sure to check out their podcast, "True Hauntings" where you listen to your favorite podcasts. You can find more info about Anne and Renata at
I'd Rather Talk to Dead People with Kitsie Duncan
2020 Dec 2251m 21s
In this episode, Kitsie Duncan joins the paranormal table to talk about her latest book, “I’d Rather Talk to Dead People” as well as her amazing career in the paranormal. We take a deep dive into how we should be treating the ghosts as well as swapping stories from the field. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it was an epic conversation. You can check out Kitsie’s work at
The Media's Influence on the Paranormal Community with Dylan Jones
2020 Dec 151h 1m 23s
Dylan Jones comes to the paranormal table to talk about the media's influence on the paranormal community. How does the media affect modern day paranormal investigators? Why is there so much drama in the paranormal community? What's in a name when it comes to parapsychologist versus psychical researcher versus paranormal investigator versus ghost hunter? Come join the conversation and find out. You can learn more about Dylan at theghosthunter.co.uk.
Queer Ghost Hunting with Shane McClelland
2020 Dec 0851m 15s
Queer ghost hunter and podcaster Shane McClelland takes a seat at the paranormal table to talk about LGBTQ+ representation in the paranormal field, how he communicates with queer ghosts, and his work with Queer Ghost Hunters and his podcast, The Q Files. It’s a conversation NOT to be missed!
Pet Spirits, Crossing Over, and a Spiritual Triangle with Rob Gutro
2020 Dec 0144m 56s
Rob Gutro is a scientist, psychic medium, and paranormal investigator. He joins the paranormal table to talk about his latest books, "Kindred Spirits" and "Inspired Ghost Tracking." We chat about his love triangle with the ghost of his husband's partner, animal spirits, and his adventures with his team.
Introducing The Spooky Stuff Podcast
2020 Nov 241m 38s
Do you like spooky stuff? Paranormal investigator, author, and blogger Alex Matsuo welcomes you to the paranormal table. Want to know what this podcast is all about? Here's the place to start!
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