Talking With Teddy
  • Jeremy Monges
5 episodes
I call friends and random people, just to talk...about whatever they want to talk about.


2021 Jan 011h 14m 9s
This episode, we have an in-depth (kinda) talk about...well...listen and find out
Talking with Teddy... Special Guest, Rusty
2020 Dec 261h 3s
Happy Holidays!!! We resume the show with Rusty. We talk everything from owning a new home, to raising huskies, fantasy football and his small business, Rusty River Reptiles. If you're looking for a laugh, check it out!!!
Talking with Teddy Special Guest... Big Papa Swank
2020 Nov 2456m 56s
This week we talk Notre Dame, Chicago Bears and Vegas with our Good Friend Big Papa Swank
Talking with Teddy... Special Guest... Troy
2020 Nov 1756m 35s
This week we talk to Troy, a truck driving family man about, well... truck driving, family, music and his drums
Talking with Teddy, Special Guest...Dana Lamar
2020 Nov 1155m 4s
Today, we call my good friend Dana, to chat and just see what is going on in life
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