Beginner Latin AudioBooks
  • Tan Hui Chuin
8 episodes
Foreign language texts and books read at beginner friendly speeds.


Colloquium Octavum (VIII)
2021 Jan 242m 49s
Read slowly first and then repeated faster
Colloquium Septimum (VII)
2021 Jan 243m 55s
Read first slowly and repeated faster
Colloquium Sextum
2021 Jan 242m 52s
Read slowly first then repeated faster
Colloquium Quintum
2021 Jan 242m 19s
Read slowly first then repeated faster.
Corderii Colloquiorum: Coll IV
2020 Dec 063m
Corderius's Dialogues read at slow speeds and then sped up.
Corderii Colloquium: Colloquium Tertium
2020 Dec 062m 12s
Beginner dialogues read at slow speeds first, then reread faster. Perfect listening for beginners.
Corderii Colloquium: Coll II
2020 Dec 061m 49s
Read slowly once, then repeated faster
Corderii Colloquiorum Coll I
2020 Dec 059m 16s
Read at slow speed.
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