Morning Marketing Memos
  • James Green
16 episodes
Morning Marketing Memos is a stream of conscious thoughts as I go on a morning walk, literally rambling physically and verbally. These bitesize voice notes are loosely based around marketing and social media stuff for any one interested in social media, growing a business, digital marketing tips and advertising psychology


#16 The Social Dilemma: an honest review from a Social Media Advertising Agency
2020 Oct 1923m 33s
#15: The Godfather Offer
2020 Sep 214m 20s
"Give them an offer they can't refuse" I see a lot of marketing campaigns that are perfectly well 'structured'. They may have followed all the correct steps, principles and techniques and it all makes logical sense. But they aren't creating enough desire because their offer is 💩! Follow the Godfather's advice and create an AMAZING offer, where your dream target customer CANNOT refuse! Think how to piss off your account and delight your customers. Go above and beyond in delivering value and excitement. Getting someone to transact for the first time is always the hardest... To grow your business you need to make that process as easy as possible. It's all about playing the long game and thinking about each new customers LIFETIME VALUE. Create an incredible offer that creates PR, attention and talkability around your business... (as well as stopping people from scrolling on their newsfeed!)
#14: Rest , Reset & Taking Risks
2020 Sep 157m 39s
Back (just in time) from a break in Portugal. A quick-fire episode with 3 key takeaways...
#13: Facebook Ads don't work!
2020 Aug 284m 26s
Facebook Ads don't work...
#12: How driving instructors can get more clients 🚘
2020 Aug 2511m 9s
This is the 2nd time I just keep my eyes peeled on my morning walk and came across a gem with Compass Driving Instructors going past (hats off to the learner driver getting the practice in early in the AM!)
#11 KISS: Keep it simple stupid 💋
2020 Aug 235m 49s
Stop creating your own barriers and problems to starting your advertising campaign.
#10: The 3 marketing strategies in 6 mins for a business I walked past : Ensoul
2020 Aug 139m 31s
I was stuck for ideas so I created a quick marketing plan for the first business I saw on my little walk, so Ensoul Architecture here is your online advertising plan and way to generate leads for the next 12 months... my invoice will follow 😂
#9: Focus on what matters & the 80/20 principle
2020 Aug 057m 50s
Abit tinny audio today, i think the wind was very strong!
#8: Sorry influencers, you aren’t ‘shadowbanned’
2020 Jul 316m 54s
Bit of a rant on the amount of ‘influencers’ i see regularly claiming to be shadow-banned or complaining at algorithm changes and not all their followers see their content...
#7: Why your marketing campaigns aren't profitable!
2020 Jul 2115m 8s
In this episode I discuss the ways you can increase your revenues by focusing on increasing your CLTV (customer lifetime value) which is a major reason why a lot of marketing campaigns aren’t profitable for businesses.