• Trichell Cheefoon
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I share a poem, we talk about social issues and we get empowered to be better individuals.


Why does the US election sound like Guyana
2020 Nov 128m 19s
In this podcast I share Martin Carters poem "all are involved" Citation: BRATHWAITE, EDWARD KAMAU. "RESISTANCE POEMS: THE VOICE OF MARTIN CARTER." Caribbean Quarterly, vol.23, no.2/3, 1977, pp. 14. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/23050418. Accessed 12 Nov. 2020.
Conversations NOT to have in your relationships
2020 Nov 0812m 37s
We talk about Conversations NOT to have in your relationships like conversations about Exes, Family members and money, yes money find out why in this episode.
Conversations you NEED to have in your relationship
2020 Nov 0422m 23s
We talk about inportant topics you need to have in your relayionships. Topics like 1. Relationship status and Expectations in the relationship. 2. Money matters. 3. Sex etc.
Don't worry too much
2020 Oct 276m 45s
I talk about not letting covid-19 overwhelm us to the point where we loose sight of the positives. You can read the poem on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/poetryandpower/?ref=bookmarks
Talking Racism
2020 Oct 1812m 48s
We answer the question "Can we end racism?". Find us on https://m.facebook.com/poetryandpower/?ref=bookmarks
Talking about Death
2020 Oct 0918m 24s
I talk about ways we can provide for our children in preparation for a time that we are not around.
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