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  • Jason D Webb
8 episodes
The Short List features 2 recruiters, Jay Webb and Brendan Ahern, who have over 40 years of combined experience working with companies to help them recruit and hire the best candidates. Each episode will feature easy to follow career advice that can be put into action immediately, or the next time you're looking for your next career opportunity.


Shortlist Episode 8- Tips and Tools for Your Job Search
2020 Jul 3018m 43s
Jay and Brendan deep dive into some of the online tools you can utilize in your job search to make it easier and more effective!
Episode 7! Focus and Routine
2020 Jul 1820m 10s
Jay and Brendan discuss the importance of maintaining or instilling a routine while you are working on your job search!
Who Are We, And What Is The Short List?
2020 Jun 0812m 37s
In this episode we will tell you a little bit about us and why we started the short-list.
What To Do When You Have To Find Another Job
2020 Jun 0820m
With over 40 million people unemployed as a result of the pandemic, it's important to learn the steps you should take to increase your likelihood of landing your next job. We cover those steps in this episode.
Getting Active On LinkedIn And Your Networking Plan
2020 Jun 0823m 15s
In this episode we will share how you should be using LinkedIn to network with people in your industry, engage hiring managers, and how to increase your chances of finding your next opportunity.
The Importance Of Self Assessment
2020 Jun 0814m 44s
The most critical part of your job search is to first understand who you are. What are your true strengths and weaknesses. In this episode will give some tips and tricks to make sure you're getting a well-rounded view of  you're strengths and weaknesses and if your perception of yourself is the perception others have of you.
Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Attention To Detail, And Quality Control
2020 Jun 0811m 41s
In this episode, we discuss how integral it is to make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are error free, accurate, and that they match each other. Most importantly, don't lie, embellish, or deceive in any way.
How To Enlist Your Core People To Help You Find A Job
2020 Jun 0817m 32s
You should not keep the fact that you're looking for a job a secret. In this episode, we talk about the importance of identifying at least 20 people that you can leverage to help you find your next job or at least get you closer to finding it.
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