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Three friends that talk guns, liberty, currents events, and more


Our Drunken Past
2021 Jan 241h 10m
This week Dave, Chris and Luke talk about beer, Biden, Europe, camps, and more.
Big Tech Jerks
2021 Jan 171h 48s
On this weeks episode the dudes talk zombie apocalypse, Parler full deplatforming, AWS, decentralize social media, and more.
The Latest Fashion
2021 Jan 101h 12m 49s
This week Dave and Luke talk video games, standard issue bison horns for the big oog, the happenings in DC, censorship, and more.
December 33rd
2021 Jan 031h 27m 57s
Dave, Alec, Chris, and Luke talk collapse of the dollar, predictions for 2021, our goals, and stimulus money.
Covid Christmas
2020 Dec 271h 12m 12s
On this weeks episode Dave, Chris, and Luke talk about Christmas traditions, Nashville, stimulus money, and the ATF.
The Christmas Party
2020 Dec 211h 16m 31s
This week all 3 (4) of the dudes are on to talk Christmas, Covid vaccines, MIGs, civil war, and police vs. ATF, along with more.
Just 3 Nerds
2020 Dec 131h 4m 25s
This week Chris, Dave, and Luke talk nerdy stuff like Star Wars, yes, literally.
Beer, Bacon, Guns
2020 Dec 061h 30m 30s
This week Alec, Chris, and Luke talk about beer, bacon, and guns. They try to avoid politics and the 'rona but may sneak it in toward the end.
Food Independence
2020 Nov 291h 1m 17s
This week Dave, Chris, and Luke are tired of talking about dumpsterfire 2020 and the 'Rona, so this week they talk about stuff that you can control in your life and is more likely to effect your life than arguing about politics. They talk about food independence and freedom for your health, from the government, and more.
The Reset
2020 Nov 221h 18m 11s
In this weeks episode Dave, Chris, and Luke add a new segment to the weekly routine, answer your anonymous question, talk SpaceX to the ISS, election junk from Michigan, and Trudeau, agenda 21/2030, the great reset and more.
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