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Introducing a vernacular platform for writers and readers of contemporary India , and uplifting them in their regional languages. Through this podcast channel we are aiming at introducing our writers to the crowd and making their voice heard.


Paperwiff Podcast Season 2 Teaser!!
2020 Nov 067m
After a tremendous success of Season 1, where we had introduced 10 of our best writers through their beautiful poetry on the choosen theme- My Journey/Mera Safar, here we are expressing our gratitude to all the listeners. We are really happy with the kind of response we got for our Season 1, and soon we are going to come up with Season 2, with a different theme and some amazing writers!! Till than stay tuned and do visit for more insight. #LiftByWords✍️✍️✍️
Mera Safar || Nikki Sharma
2020 Oct 281m 37s
The pain of being a girl, and not being accepted by the society is still alive in many poor souls. Isn't it time to change that fact for good??.. Listen to this beautiful poem by the writer, and have your heart taken away for a mesmerizing ride!!...
Mera Safar || Indu Inshail
2020 Oct 281m 11s
Life is all about the path that you walk on. So, take changes, and spread your wings and fly high. The writer has given a different insight to life through this poem!!..
My Journey || Shubha Pathak
2020 Oct 281m 29s
A journey of a girl , who grows up to be an independent woman, and makes her own choices. The writer has tried to give a poetic touch to her very exotic journey of growing up as a  girl!!..
Mera Safar Bachpan se Pachpan tak || Shah Talib
2020 Oct 283m 4s
The journey of growing up from an infant to an old and wise man, is perfectly described in this poem. It will give you the taste of all stages of life and how each stage  teaches us something meaningful!!..
My Journey || Vridhi Chug
2020 Oct 282m 32s
This poem is about the writer's journey in this world which holds both love and hate. She has described how life takes a plunge and leaves us with unexpected thoughts to mold our believes.
Mera Safar || Aaradhana Suman
2020 Oct 261m 33s
Life is like a dream, if you live it like one. But when you get up you should make it part of the reality. You can either turn it  into the darkest nights or the brightest days of your life. This poem would give you the taste of both!!..
Mera Safar || Rakhee Goyal
2020 Oct 262m 15s
Life can hit you hard sometimes, but through every hit you still find the strength to pull yourself together  and turn them into life changing experiences. This poem narrates one such journey of one of our skillful writer-Rakhee. Join her in her journey through this poem!!
Zindagi aur mera safar || Poonam Chourey
2020 Oct 262m 21s
Poonam has been setting example through her creativity and life acquired skills of motivating all writers across paperwiff. She has explained her life journey through this poem. We hope you enjoy every bit of it!!...
Mera Safar || Shubhangani Sharma
2020 Oct 261m 43s
The writer is an inspirational teacher , and have been encouraging everyone through her writings. Through this poem she has sincerely poured out her heart to all the listener. Get blown away by her poetic aura.!!