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  • Isabel Alvarez Arata
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A boozy web show for pet lovers! Join pet pros and enthusiasts for drinks and chatter about their favorite foods, travel, and products with host, Isabel Alvarez Arata.


Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 6 Witches Brew
2021 Jan 1138m 28s
In Episode 6, Wendy Van de Poll, international best selling author, intuitive, and pet lover shares her fulfilling and successful life as an author, despite a misguided and cruel teacher's assurance that she could not make it as a writer. Her talent and hard work have yielded 23 books and 12 best selling titles across multiple genres, including pet loss and grief, entrepreneurship, and cozy mysteries for budding witches and hopeless romantics.
Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 5 Just a Chicago Girl
2021 Jan 0536m 17s
In Episode 5 of Covered in Pet Hair, Jessica Abernathy, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, shares encouraging words about the pet sitting industry and its participants; each so resilient that NAPPS rewarded all of its members with the 2021 Business of the Year award.
Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 4 Bye, 2020!
2020 Dec 2930m 58s
Former pet industry entrepreneur turned business coach, Lauren Heath, aka Empathpreneur, chats with Isabel about how Covid-19 obliterated her small pet care business in 2020, how she bravely accepted the inevitable shift, and what she has planned for 2021 and beyond.
Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 3 Raw, Raw, RIGHT!
2020 Dec 2139m 18s
Raw feeding expert, Scott J. Marshall II, gives Isabel a lesson on the misconceptions, certifications, and best practices associated with feeding dogs fresh, raw foods. In this episode, we get into that one time Scott almost burned down his mom's house, what he feeds his dogs, and how he wishes he had more freezer space, or less, depending on the day. Isabel asks about the logistics of meal prep, sourcing, and expenses associated with raw feeding. Scott is a true expert and makes a great guest. His dedication to his craft shines bright.
Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 2 Jess & John Bartlett - In Love and Cats
2020 Dec 1640m 43s
Newlywed cat experts, John and Jess Bartlett, give Isabel a detailed rundown of their lives raising 9 cats of their own while fostering others for the world to see. These two cat lovers have a ton on their plate but their passion for cats and educating cat people knows no bounds. Together, John and Jess are making the world a better place, 24 cat trees and 11 litter boxes at a time.
Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 1 Tim Link - What's the Rating On This Show?
2020 Dec 0342m 56s
Isabel & world renowned Animal Communicator, Tim Link, discuss the many unconventional yet effective care options available for pets, their health, and their psyche. From prosthetic testicular implants, to manifesting the perfect pet, and interrupting a cat's intimate moment, this show is jam-packed with unexpected expert insights that all pet parents can enjoy.
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