A Cast is a podcast focusing on all of the GOOD things that are happening in the world. We put all of the negative, bad, and sad things behind us and focus on the good things, while at the same time teaching lessons about God that we can all relate to and how to make ourselves overall better people. 😁


How to Truly Forgive and Let Go
2020 Jul 1923m 59s
Hey y’all! In today’s episode my mom joins me in the studio and we talk about what the Bible says about forgiveness and talk about personal experiences we have went through.
Understanding Patience
2020 Jul 1525m
In today’s episode, I dive deep into the Word of God and explain what we all should do, as children of God, to have better patience.
The Face Mask Pandemic
2020 Jul 1232m 6s
In today’s episode we discuss my personal opinions on wearing face masks and what the government is trying to do to us regarding them.
Celebrating INDEPENDENCE day by remaining DEPENDENT on God
2020 Jul 0620m 21s
Thanks to www.blog.bible for their amazing website and contributors to the site. In today’s episode of A Cast (THE PODCAST) we look at how USA became USA and how God played the key role in that.
How Can I NOT be so Stressed!? 😖
2020 Jul 0323m 47s
Hey y’all! In today’s episode of A Cast (The Podcast), I sit down with my amazing mother and talk about how we deal with stressful situations, and look at 7 Proven Ways to deal with it properly. *References used: (What Is Stress? - www.realsimple.com) (7 Ways to Properly Deal With Stress - www.helpguide.org)
What is A Cast!? 🤔 (Pilot Episode)
2020 Jul 0117m 26s
Hey guys! Thank you so much for tuning in to the first ever episode of A Cast (The Podcast)! In this Pilot episode I explain who I am, what A Cast is (both my YouTube channel and podcast) and what the plans on for my channels!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.