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  • Rodrigo Rivero Tacoronte
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About anything and everything, whatever comes to mind. Lo que me de la gana. Hopefully it can help or entertain you. Reach out on IG: @rodrigoriverot I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Episode 27: Wins, And Friends
2021 Jan 176m 46s
If you’re going to have one focus so that everything else in your life improves. Make it improving yourself
Episode 26: If you’re going to be someone, be them.
2021 Jan 177m 10s
What else is there for you to do. Have a goal in mind and go for it
Episode 25: National Stargazing Day
2021 Jan 166m 38s
Rodrigo tells us about a great idea that sets records on the amount of no drawbacks it has. Stupendously magnificient and well thought out
Episode 24: Good Job
2021 Jan 154m 37s
I agree
Episode 23: Animals Or Aliens
2021 Jan 086m 38s
In this episode Rodrigo gives us his take on animals, and why it’s very curious that we don’t see them as aliens. He also gives his best impression of seeing a monkey for the first time
Episode 22: What Is Worth Doing
2021 Jan 075m 36s
Rodrigo tells us that maybe we should try licking our elbows more often.
Episode 21: Mastery And Wisdom
2021 Jan 057m 33s
In this episode of the podcast Rodrigo finally changes gear from philosophy into more philosophy
Episode 20: Too Hot Or Too Cold?
2021 Jan 053m 47s
Today we got one of the most passionate speeches that have ever originated from Rodrigo, or been heard by humanity for that matter
Episode 19: Ducks
2021 Jan 036m 50s
Rodrigo seems to hold ducks in high regard
Episode 18: New Year
2021 Jan 017m 46s
This music really hits different. In this episode Rodrigo rambles a little about the New Year, what it means, and maybe a better alternative to New Year’s Resolutions.