• Nicole Piesse Turner
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Ken Mathieson, Mathieson Associates Ltd
2020 Dec 3032m 5s
In Episode 3 of The Big Chat, Nicole chats to Ken Mathieson of Mathieson Associates about the ups & downs of running any size business in the current climate. With ongoing financial, tax and accountancy needs, he speaks to Nicole about the challenges he has personally found in his accountancy firm, handling the extra advice that has been required by his clients over recent months. He speaks fondly of what sets Mathieson Associates apart from other organisations, which is truly his hands-on approach of speaking directly and dealing with clients, with a caring and nurturing attitude. The personal service they deliver, no matter what size your business may be, is integral in unlocking clients full potential.
Jessica Butler, Vanity Fair
2020 Dec 2317m 56s
In Episode 4 of The Big Chat, Nicole has an extra Christmassy chat to Jessica Butler, founder and owner of the Tunbridge Wells based Beauty Boutique 'Vanity Fair’ as well as her recently launched Vanity Fair School of Beauty. She chats to Jess about all things beautiful, the challenging past few months during lockdown, as well as all the positives to come out of it.
Steve Gurney, IndexDigital
2020 Dec 1619m 10s
In Episode 2 of The Big Chat, Nicole talks to Steve Gurney Founder & MD of IndexDigital, long-standing Tunbridge Wells media mogul, all about his journey from published media to digital, his views on what the town needs and how to get best seen with your new business.
Wendy Read, HR Revolution
2020 Dec 1138m 44s
In this weeks episode of The Big Chat, we talk to Wendy Read, Founder & Managing Director of HR Revolution about all things HR. She talks about bringing and keeping positivity in the workplace and how HR can help navigate difficult times such as those we have been experiencing. Wendy’s calm, cool and clear perspective on what’s needed in the HR sector gives great insight into what help is out there for all size businesses.
2020 Dec 071m 3s
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