• Jim Huling
2 episodes
Find Your Fire is a project from the heart – a podcast where we explore the keys that have enabled exceptional people to find and sustain the “fire” that fuels their purpose, their passion, and their impact. Whether it’s the lessons they've learned, the books they've read, their daily practices, mindset, or deepest Jedi techniques, our listeners are hungry for all of it.


Changing the Narrative with Rachel Baribeau
2021 Jan 011h 25s
BIG NEWS!!!! Rachel Baribeau is in the house!!! This month’s episode of Find Your Fire launches today with our most inspirational guest ever! Rachel’s career is the stuff of legend, but she has found her fire in her new mission: Changing the Narrative. There is no better way to begin a powerful new year than with Rachel’s spirit-infused message.
Streaking with Jeff and Jami Downs
2020 Dec 141h 15m 11s
Jeff and Jami Downs have written a truly remarkable book.  Their partnership as writers reflects perfectly the principle of synergy, where the result is far greater than the individual contributions, and in this case, it’s magic.  Together, they have combined principles, personal stories, powerful illustrations, and practical advice in such a way that you can’t wait to get started – and continue.
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