Something;s Coming Up Podcast
  • Kimberly Newton-Nichols
6 episodes
The Purpose is to Release, To Purge... To reach one, teach one, help one, save one -Stir up what's inside, so Something;s Coming Up.


Something;s Coming Up w/ Bridgette Fabor
2021 Jan 131h 46m 11s
What is it like to grow up with a family secret no one ever wants to speak of.... what is it like when you're  the 5 year old victim wanting answers now that you're  an adult? This story is of bravery, as this woman finds her voice and strength to...
Something;s Coming Up w/ Raquan
2021 Jan 132h 16m 54s
When the tragedy of suicide interrupts your life, leaving pain, anguish, confusion and so many unanswered questions, what do you do...This is a testimony of a Mans heartbreak after loosing his younger brother to suicide, and his mothers continuous...
Something;s Coming Up w/ Kayleigh Grace Scott
2020 Dec 101h 37m 24s
Kayleigh shares her story of struggle and pain, with the knowing that she felt different as a young boy. Join her as she tells her story of transitioning.
Something;s Coming Up w/ Amalie Nichols
2020 Nov 2327m 32s
14 yr. old Amalie talks about what this election looks like from a young person, but also from the view of a young African american girl, with the Election of the First Woman & First Woman of Color. Please Share, Like, and Follow on Facebook,...
Something;s Coming Up w/ kim Pauldon
2020 Nov 2352m 42s
Kim Pauldon discusses Tragedy  to Triumph
Something's Coming Up w/ Taylor Barry
2020 Oct 1725m 53s
Please watch as we disscuss identifying Mental Health Awarness with Taylor Barry. The support of Family and Friends, the choice of taking medication, the feelings of anxiety and the strength and the Power to Push Through The Pain. Please Share, Like, and Follow on Facebook, YouTube and Official Something's Coming Up on Instagram
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