• J. Shepherd
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Jason Shepherd is a Gower Artist and Art Teacher from Swansea in South Wales. In this blog he will be talking about his paintings and showing step by step how he has painted them. Jason paints landscapes and figurative/ Portrait art using Acrylic and Watercolour's. Jason will also be discussing his favourite Welsh Artists and their most interesting Art Works.


Episode 1a - Exploring Southgate and Pobbles Bay
2010 Sep 05
Each episode is in Two Parts. In part one we explore an area of the Gower Peninsula. In part two we look at a variety of painting techniques to help you paint your perfect landcsacpes in watercolour and Acrylics. Episode 1a: Pobbles Bay is a small secluded Bay next to Three Cliffs Bay which shares a large rock that separates the Bays known as Three Cliffs. This video is my journey from Southgate across the Cliffs down to Pobbles Bay. Taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. Episode 1a
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