• mehek
4 episodes
5 friends who decided to make a podcast, that's it.


me when depression and anxiety
2020 Dec 0726m 21s
basically, we talk about the problems our age faces with depression, anxiety, social media, counselors, and therapists. u have been warned <333
me when cosmic brownie
2020 Dec 0618m 29s
mehek talks about her successful cosmic brownie tiktok account (@cosmicbrowniecore) and gives y'all a little backstory about it. also, stream mrs. magic by strawberry guy.
me when trends on tiktok happen
2020 Dec 0229m 31s
in this very intellectual podcast, we talk about trends on tiktok and how they spread very fast whilst playing a quick game of monopoly.
introduction and cool celebs
2020 Nov 249m 58s
hey!! we're the people behind me when... hopefully you like the rest of this podcast and keep listening!
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