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Sandra Webber is a High Performance Business Coach based in the South of England. In this podcast Sandra explores peoples varied career journeys and offer highly insightful and invaluable tips and tricks for career driven individuals to improve your best practice by learning from other mistakes.


From Personal Trauma to Inspiring Others - Ian Guyah Low
2019 Oct 1824m 9s
In this episode I speak with the inspirational Ian Guyah Low. I caught up with Ian on a visit to London earlier this year and talk to him about the new community he is building called www.classofcourage.com where he is using his own personal experiences to help other people ,who are facing similar life changing events, move forwards with their lifes even if its not in a direction they originally planned.
Corporate Career in Banking to Relationship Coaching - Olga Frankow
2019 Jul 2217m 38s
Olgas interest in helping others improve the relationship side of their lives began from her own failed relationship in her 20’s
Teacher or Police Officer - Angus Brereton
2019 Jun 2434m 59s
Angus – Teacher or Police Officer
Youth Theatre to CEO - Robert Stephenson
2019 May 1349m 19s
Youth Theatre to CEO
LIBRARIAN - CEO, Tanya Corsie
2019 Apr 2437m 6s
In this episode as well as explaining the subtle re-branding of the podcast to represent better the future guests on the show we also have an interview with Tanya Corsie who is CEO of a Bristol Based Software Company Iken Business Ltd
Episode 23: My Scary Goal – An Indian Adventure
2019 Mar 1827m 50s
This is a different solo episode sharing my thoughts as I embark on my trip to
Episode 22: We explore the career of Mark Johnson of Mojo Active
2019 Mar 0430m 42s
In this interview with Mark Johnson we explore his career involving a lot of outdoor adventurous type roles and how he has found work that doesn't feel like work. Mark is really passionate about what he does and great inspiration for both the younger and older generations that he now works with.
Episode 21 – Medical Careers and Work/Life Balance with Dr Georgina Conway
2019 Feb 0433m 50s
Episode 21 – Medical Careers and Work/Life Balance with
Episode 20 – A Look Back On The First Season of Own It Podcasts, A Review of 2018
2019 Jan 1040m 39s
This episode reflects back on 2018 and the very first season of this podcast. It is putting into practice the evaluate step of the G.A.M.E model and also illustrates how all of our guests have bought alive the Own It way of operating and what High Performance means in real life.
Episode 19 – Joe Gregory Who Helps Entrepreneurs Publish Cool Books
2018 Dec 2842m 1s
Episode 19 – Joe Gregory Who Helps Entrepreneurs Publish Cool Books