This Time with Mrs. Parker
  • Madolyn Parker
10 episodes
I’m here to express my thoughts and opinions on several topics. All my opinions are of course based off my personal experiences. So come listen and talk with Mrs. Parker..


Childhood Trauma
2020 Dec 1118m 37s
Healing my inner child and sharing my story.
I’m Back
2020 Nov 3020m 30s
I’m sharing my story of how I’m dealing with being scammed out of 14k. Artist mentioned in episode Londrelle. Download all his music. Remember you will get through it’s all apart of the process!!
Breaking Point
2020 Nov 2312m 45s
Find out why I left my plat forms.
Sergeant Pedophile
2020 Nov 1615m 49s
Today we are talking about a Supervisor I previously worked with and how he was caught in bed with a 13 year.
Me too, A Predators Victim
2020 Nov 1216m 55s
I’m sharing a story time that has haunted me up until this day. Trigger warning.
Stripping ain’t easy!
2020 Oct 2614m 16s
We’re talking about taking off clothes!!
I got scammed
2020 Oct 2010m 24s
This guy scammed me! I’m baffled!!
It happens
2020 Oct 1211m 27s
Don’t side eye em, just ask. Were you gay for the stay?!
Raising a Rapist Juvenile Sex Offender
2020 Oct 1218m 48s
This is never an easy topic. We are going to discuss how to protect our kids from themselves and each other. Most parents don’t even know what’s going on in their kids phones. But I’m gonna teach ya!
Intro: Who are you?
2020 Oct 121m 12s
I am briefly introducing myself to my new Audience.
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