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Basically goes in details about stuff that's missing in history about presidents, secret programs, UFO's, fake celebrity deaths and more. I also talk about sports, fashion, women and the truth! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lens-of-light-productions/support


GET OUT OF HER Pt.1!!!(Season 1 Finale)
2021 Jan 0547m 50s
Reflecting over Rev. 18:4 describing how our people(Black People) need to get out of HER(Babylon=🇺🇸)and form they own destiny!
Celebrating Age Of Aquarius/Never Too Old For Nothing and more
2020 Dec 2155m 12s
Just celebrating and breaking down the celestial change and outcome of the Age Of Aquarius/Inspiration for the older people that want to accomplish and live out they dreams
They Doing It Again/My Confession/Sport Talk
2020 Dec 0848m 57s
Cointelpro at it again, same actions creates more problems. Casanova 2x, G Herbo and Grandmaster J. Also, I confess something I've been dealing so far.
Blackout Mode
2020 Dec 0657m 38s
As Real As It Gets!
Jezzy vs. Gucci/ OUR own PARTY/ The Longest Winter
2020 Nov 2654m 45s
Giving my perspective on the Versus Battle between Jezzy and Gucci. Also, talks about how African-Americans need their own political party. Get ready for the longest winter, basically, Im talking about forced vaccinations due to the surge of COVID-19!
Tupac Cont./ My state is blue what we gonna do?
2020 Nov 2652m 20s
Continuation of the details of Tupac alleged death and more. Also, talking about Georgia turning into a Democrat state!
Tupac and more
2020 Nov 141h 40m 49s
Just giving insight behind the supposed death of Tupac and I talk about more topics
Tupac Cont./My State Is 🔵what we going to do?
2020 Nov 1452m 25s
Giving my perspective on how I think Tupac not dead. Also I talk about Georgia being a blue state but what can it do for my people!
Karma is a B****H, Georgia Sports, President blaming and more
2020 Nov 0943m 45s
Just keeping it 💯! No Politics!
UFO's Pt.1
2020 Oct 2647m
Basically giving the viewers certain points on why UFO's exist. I'm just giving points and scratching the surface for Part 2. All these points will have deeper knowledge for UFO's Pt.2