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[Ep 51] Demandbase's John Dering & Peer-to-Peer Solutions
2018 Mar 1214m 49s
Demandbase's John Dering talks about how they align Customer Success and Marketing to decrease churn and expansion. He shares how they work closely during onboarding to improve their ABM practices.
[Ep 43 Successly Live] Emilia D'Anzica On Customer Advocacy
2018 Jan 1526m 27s
Emilia D'Anzica is one of the top authorities in Customer Success, so when she opened up about Customer Advocacy, I listened. She reveals where to start and how you can do it cost-effectively. Unfortunately, this is not something you can ignore because your customers are already talking to their peers about your product.
[Ep 42 Successly Live] Cisco's Head of Customer Success; CS At Scale
2018 Jan 0815m 6s
Have you ever wondered how Cisco, one of the largest tech companies in the world, manages Customer Success? David Sakamoto, Head of CS, Americas dives into their strategy. Even if you don't have 70,000 employees, I think you will learn a thing or two.
[Ep 41] Customer Success 2.0...Get Ready For Change In 2018
2018 Jan 0118m 21s
We all know that Customer Success can't stay the same. It is evolving, but how will things look over 2018 and where does that leave me? Dave Jackson tries to answer these questions with this Customer Success 2.0 Thesis. I think he is on to something that we can't ignore.
[Ep 37] SAP's Head of Global Retention, Whitney Daily
2017 Dec 0423m 20s
Learn how SAP retains nearly all of its customers. Whitney Daily, Head of Global Customer Retention shares why they still have a centralize renewals execution team. She gives tactics and tools that they use to grow and retain their customers.
[Ep 35] GE Digital’s, Head of Customer Success, On Creating A Culture of CS
2017 Nov 2021m 25s
Learn how Ray Mitra, Global Head of Customer Success & Support at GE Digital, uses internal certifications to create a strong culture of Customer Success. He shares how they created a program called Happy Customer, that not only impacted their internal culture but their bottom line.
[Ep 34] ADP's Sr. Dir. of Client Experience, Nicolle Paradise
2017 Nov 1317m 1s
This week we interviewed Nicolle Paradise, Senior Director of Client Experience at ADP. Nicolle shares her journey to prioritize the customer and tactics they use to keep them at the forefront of every decision. Is this the biggest problem with Customer Success?
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