• Scare Me Shitless
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A weekly comedy podcast on all things spooky, brought to you by cohosts Kayla Vitry & Abresjia Welch.


Theres's Just a Lot of Weird Shit
2020 Oct 0519m 34s
Riverdale Road in Colorado is said to be where the Gates of Hell are located. Would you go there to open those gates?
Whatever Teddy
2020 Sep 2822m 44s
Colorado is home to many beautiful and spooky hotels. Would you stay in Hotel Colorado or St. Nicholas Hotel?
"You Veracious, Man-Eating Son of a Bitch"
2020 Sep 2143m 58s
When it comes to survival, people could be forced to other humans around them to stay alive. Sometimes people, such as Alerd Packer, make the decision to just eat people for no good reason. Would you follow Alerd Packer through the woods?
Actual Garbage Person, Madani Ceus
2020 Sep 1431m 5s
Following someone who seems to have all the answers to life and life after death sounds like a wonderful idea, but would you continue to follow them when it involves starving two young children?
The Normal Flying Dog
2020 Sep 0731m 24s
Our home state of Colorado is best known for its scenery, including eerie forests. But, it's also home to a Rainbow Vortex, aka a bridge between the living and dead. Have you heard of the Black forest.
Scare Me Shitless
2020 Sep 0126s
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