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You're invited to join your host of The Greenheart Witchery Podcast as she explores topics of magic, medicine, and mystery. This is soul food meant to nourish your spirit and connect you to your inner healer.


Episode 6: Water Magic
2021 Jan 0627m 57s
In episode 6, we explore the magic, mystery, and medicine of water. Water responds to consciousness and holds memory. Understanding and respecting the magic of water can bring a deeper sense of healing. Learn simple water rituals, spells, and ceremonies to shift and transmute energy.
Episode 5: Dark Energy (Understanding Evil)
2020 Dec 2125m 51s
In episode 5, we dive deeper into understanding evil. In order to create peace within, dark energy needs to be understood. We define the indigenous terms for evil, wendigo and wetiko, and how and why this psycho spiritual illness can infect someone.
Episode 4: Curses
2020 Dec 0821m 46s
In episode 4, we take a deeper look into harm and curses. We look at the origin of a curse and why we may be influenced by a curse. We look at the various types of curses such as intention, unintentional, and self-inflicted. And finally, we look at how to be more impervious to this dark energy.
Episode 3: Boundaries and Protection
2020 Nov 2226m 13s
In episode 3, we explore the importance of boundaries and various ways to protect our energetic boundaries from other people and spirit entities. When we think of boundaries, we may think of the physical boundaries we see in our everyday lives such as fences and walls or rivers and hedgerows. This episode is about energetic boundaries.
Episode 2: Dreams and Waking Life Symbols
2020 Nov 0823m 24s
In episode 2, we explore the mystery of dreams and the dream like symbols we experience in the waking life. Dreams are the keys to providing possible solutions to real life issues, healing, personal power, connecting to our ancestors or spirit guides, glimpses of possible future events, ways to access suppressed memories or traumas, clues to our past lives, and so much more.
Episode 1: Labor and Birth: Ancient Mysteries of Magic and Power
2020 Oct 1715m 9s
In episode 1, we will discuss birth as a sacred rite of passage that
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