P.S. What’s Happening?
  • P.S. What’s Happening?
2 episodes
A comedic approach to trauma, problems, and everything else we are trying our best at.


2020 Dec 1741m 28s
TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode addiction, rape, & molestation is discussed. Please listen with caution as this episode is heavy. In the second ever episode, Paige & Sadie dive right into some of their traumas that help not only created the friendship between the two but also formed some sort of fucked up bond.
F yeah, I’m Lizzie McGuire
2020 Dec 1031m 5s
We get it. Every other millennial started a podcast during the pandemic. But, it’s fine. In the first ever episode, Paige & Sadie talk about where this all started, how it all began. & the time Sadie got trashed at a Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, Italy.
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