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Annie Brown is a high school teen who is passionate about providing a place for teenagers to talk about hard topics, exploring their faith in Jesus Christ, and discovering their purpose and meaning of life. Here teens can be themselves and find a community of peers going through the same things. Come and enjoy these hard talks while being real, vulnerable and digging into what your faith means in your life. "But even if He does not, we want you to know, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up" Daniel 3:18 NIV And if not. . . He is still good


Love in Action: friendships through the hard times
2020 Jul 2442m 40s
SHE'S BACK!! Annie took a random, but necessary break from the podcast. Thank you for your patience and grace through the break, but as of now, she is back!! In this episode, her best friend Sophia joins her to talk about how to love in action within a friendship. Enjoy their naturally quirky, energetic, silly, atmosphere they have (beware. . . it's kind of a lot). They talk about their personal struggles with not loving each other well, not communicating, but also how God made them grow in their friendship through the conflict. They also add a little ASMR as a goofy touch, but you'll just have to listen to hear for yourself ;)
Sadness & Darkness: it's going to be okay
2020 May 3127m 52s
In this episode, Annie is sad. Like most teenagers, we are all sad and we have bad days. Hear Annie talk about her story of depression and what she does to pull the darkness out of her mind. She gives a series of verses that gives a story of God's love for us, how we are protected by Him, and the good news of being in paradise. It's going to be okay. . . because God says so.
Hot Mess Express: answering your questions!!
2020 May 2231m 50s
In this episode, Annie is a hot mess, not gonna lie. Bear with her as talks about . . . well . . . everything (kind of)! This episode is a Q&A- answering your questions about the podcast, bts, pet peeves and money?! Tune in and listen to her hot mess life and enjoy ;)
What is Love: doubts & how to respond
2020 May 0928m 4s
In this episode, Annie combines her two random thoughts of doubting and how to love God in the midst of your doubt. After listening to youth group on Zoom, God placed on her heart to talk about what to do when you doubt and how you can turn your doubt into love. Take a listen and hear what she has to say about doubts in faith and how to respond to them.
Worship as a Lifestyle: God's purpose for worship
2020 Apr 2422m 24s
In this episode, meet Annie's older sister's friend, Phoebe! Phoebe lived as a missionary kid and has a crazy testimony, however, she only shares a little clip of this crazy life God has given her based all on worship. How God used worship to save her, heal her, and push her to cling to Him. Listen to her story and see what God can do and what God's purpose of worship is for us.
Hard Decisions: whatever is & whatever is not
2020 Apr 1923m 44s
In this episode, Annie talks about Philippians 4:8-9 and how she meditates on it when she has a hard decision. She talks through each word Paul says and how she applies it to her life. Listen to what she has to say, take it and implement it to your struggles right now. . .How can I glorify God in my hard decisions?
During the Break: being blindsided & uncertainty in dating
2020 Apr 1135m 4s
In this episode, we are joined by Annie's older sister, Sylvia, who went through a real and raw relationship while in high school. Sylvia talks about her experience and what she learned through their break which led to a final break up. . . but was content in this uncertainty. How? Listen to her story and hear Sylvia's advice on dating in high school :)
And If Not Podcast Introduction: Faith Over Fear
2020 Apr 0318m 56s
In this episode, Annie talks about the meaning and her purpose for this podcast. Enjoy her awkwardness as she tries recording her first episode about how we can have faith over fear, based on the verse Isaiah 41:13 :)
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