• Juniper And Mailelani
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In this podcast, your hosts Mailelani and Juniper talk about the environment! They discuss trash, what will happen if we do not act, how we can help and so much more! We welcome each and every one of you to join us in our cause for good! We hope you enjoy listening and learn a little something new! Love your hosts, Mailelani and Juni! : )


About Us! (the hosts)
2021 Jan 1521m 41s
In this episode, Mailelani and Juniper talk about their backgrounds and their stories of becoming zero waste!
Let's talk trash!
2020 Dec 1443m 16s
In this episode, Mailelani and Juniper talk all things trash! Mailelani and Juni kick off the podcast talking about trash, what it's doing to our planet, and what zero waste is.
2020 Dec 141m 52s
Sustain Loving Kindness Podcast welcomes you to our Trailer! In our first season, we talk about all things Eco-friendly, and how you can help save the planet!!
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