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The podcast about President Trump's impact on universities, told through the personal stories of those most affected. We are entirely student run and created. Follow us on twitter @trump101podcast


S2. Ep. 3: Sexual Assault on Campus
2017 Dec 0222m 46s
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to change an Obama-era policy concerning  Title IX with the belief the policies were overreaching and the accused were not given equal treatment. We brought on Lara Bazelon, an associate professor at the University of San Francisco, to explain why she supports DeVos' policy changes, and why colleges are not equipped with handling sexual assault cases. More of Bazelon's work can be viewed http://larabazelon.squarespace.com/overview.
S2. Ep. 2: Fakenews
2017 Oct 1116m 42s
Fake news has become a buzzword of sorts. This episode of Trump 101 dives into the middle of it. We show college students fake news stories to see if they can sniff out fact from fiction. We had Teresa Moore--a journalism professor, former San Francisco Chronicle reporter, and all-around news expert--help us break it all down.
S2. Ep. 1: Protests in the Bay
2017 Sep 029m 52s
With cancelled rallies in San Francisco and protests in Berkeley, the Bay Area had quite a weekend. This week's episode looks at what unfolded this weekend with Patriot Prayer in SF and protesters in Berkeley. Listen to what exactly happened from reporters who were there and hear how students and campus-organizers are reacting to freedom of speech conflicts.
Ep. 5: Coming Out In Two Countries
2017 Apr 1316m 31s
Aaron Clark and our own Ali DeFazio talk growing up LGBT in two different countries. In Kuwait, Aaron faced conversion therapy, but also times of acceptance. Listen to what Ali and Aaron think on LGBT rights under the Trump administration.
Ep. 4: A Trump Supporter in SF
2017 Apr 0526m 53s
This week we sit down with Avi Singh, a student at the University of San Francisco who voted for and supports Donald Trump. We discuss political atmospheres in universities and the importance of truly open dialogues.
Ep. 3: A Jesuit University President
2017 Mar 3028m 20s
In this episode, we speak to University of San Francisco President Fr. Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J. We discuss the impact of the Trump administration on the university community, and how the university plans to address it.
Ep. 2: Story from Damascus, Syria
2017 Mar 0918m 43s
Julia Aziz is a junior business major at the University of San Francisco (USF). She was born in the United States, then moved to Damascus, Syria at two years old. While Julia, her father, and her sister have joint U.S.-Syrian citizenship, her mother and brother are citizens of only Syria.
Ep. 1: An Undocumented Student
2017 Mar 0225m 19s
Darwin Velasquez is a senior at the University of San Francisco and originally from El Salvador. His family left El Salvador when Darwin was 12, fleeing gang violence. Darwin is one of the 860,000 people using the Obama-issued Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to stay in the US.
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