• Justin Guthrie
4 episodes
Welcome to "the gentle way" podcast, where we talk all things Martial Arts. Everything from style to fitness, history to science and more.


Pay-per-view sport fights?
2020 Sep 0836m 3s
In this episode, we talk about a new direction for sport karate. The purpose of different uniforms and their colors. Do they mean anything?
What's the difference?
2020 Aug 2923m 52s
In this episode I talk about the difference between sport, self-defense, recreational and fitness based martial arts.
Sam #1
2020 Aug 021h 2m 59s
In this episode, we interview Sam, a 2nd Dan black belt in Shinsei Hapkido, and one of my long time friends. This episode only scratches the surface of Sam's background and training so he will be back in the future. Enjoy!
History of Shinsei Hapkido
2020 Jul 2316m 33s
In this episode we look at the history of Shinsei Hapkido, who started it, where it comes from etc.
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