Sacred Sorcery with Bev Steel
  • Bev Steel
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Sacred Sorcery with Bev Steel discusses everything you need to know to start your witchcraft journey. From crystals to spell work to how to make faery friends, this pod has got your back! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY BEGINNING IN 2021! Follow @paganpathcoven on Instagram to stay connected. Blessed Be!


Chaos Magic, Ego, and Does God Hate Puppies?
2020 Dec 2950m 20s
In this episode, I go over the leading figures in Chaos Magic such as Austin Spare, Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin, and Phil Hine. I explore Discordianism, the history behind Chaos Magic, Core Principles, Ego, Fractal Logic, Cybernetics, and how the hell to...
One Minute Manifestation
2020 Dec 261m 12s
A one minute manifestation will the following affirmation repeated twice: There is a divine place in my heartI go there oftenI fill myself with kindnessI am well-intentioned I am powerfulMy reality is one of love and successI am healthyMy loved ones are...
Discussing Experiences with Religion ft. Sydney!
2020 Dec 1429m 30s
My friend and I have a very open chat about our experiences with spirituality and religion. She tells me about growing up in the Unitarian-Universalist church, we question whether a witch is made or born, and comment on the intersection of spirituality...
The Short, Silly Story of Healer Grace Sherwood
2020 Dec 1112m 46s
I tell the story of healer Grace Sherwood and her ducking trial!
The Path to Witchcraft and Witchy Terms ft. Hunter Davidson
2020 Dec 1033m 32s
In this episode, I discuss how I got started as witch. I also quiz a good friend (with no witchcraft knowledge) on witch-related words. Enjoy!